Whether you want a second opinion on your current sponsorship strategy or you need some specific advise regarding integrating a sport aspect into your marketing platform, SportBrand can provide valuable insight and subject matter guidance.

  • Sponsorship Activation Plans - We know that the more involved and visible you are as a sponsor within the sport you sponsor, the more opportunity you have to influence consumer opinion, improve purchase consideration — and build loyalty. A detailed activation plan is crucial if a brand wishes to maximize results. We work with clients to create and develop sponsorship activation programs that increase awareness, spark fan/participant engagement and generate revenue.
  • Athlete Ambassador Selection and Negotiation - Selecting the right athlete ambassador is so important for brands. Do they fit with your brand?, are the going to have continued success on the world-stage?, are they authentic?, and are they the type of person you want to spend time with? We can help answer those questions for you.
  • Navigating IOC Rule 40 & Olympian sponsor activations - The Olympic Games is the most valuable marketing property in the World and the ability to leverage star athletes is now a reality. Although you may not have rights to the Olympic Rings or branding during the Games, we can help you plan to capitalize on the associative value via an athlete sponsorship program. IOC’s Rule 40 allows approved athlete sponsor activations to run during the Olympic window — when athlete sponsor rights are typically prohibited.

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Sport Marketing Services

Sport is one of the few universal languages in our world: it has the power to unite people in a passionate and unparalleled way. It is our experience and authenticity that empowers us to deliver industry-leading sports marketing support to our clients.

We are fully immersed in the world of Olympic sports and have over thirty years of experience in sport marketing. We can help your brand further define who you are by selecting the ‘right’ properties or athletes you align with and complement ‘the fit’ with authentic brand messaging that will enhance the experience you provide for your customers.

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Services for major events & sport organizations

SportBrand is a sport marketing agency that has worked with many of Canada's top sport organizations and events. Built on experience, integrity and trust we advise, guide and manage our clients to enable them to achieve their objectives, enhance their marketing materials, and generate more sponsorship revenue.

We strive to make a difference by focusing on building relationships, maximizing event and program value and identifying potential partners via your sports unique value and reach. We have substantial expertise in drafting and negotiating contracts for our clients, including television contracts, naming rights and sponsorship agreements, merchandise license agreements,  and player agreements.

  • Sponsorship Packaging and Selling - We work with sport organizations, major events and teams to generate sponsorship revenue via developing professional marketing materials — that are priced properly — and distributed to target companies well in advance of your event or program.
  • National Sport Federation and Olympic Team Apparel Partnerships - Apparel deals for teams and sport federations are an important pillar of your organization and key piece of the identity of your sport or team. We can handle all aspects of targeting the apparel companies, determining the value, negotiating the terms, outlining the apparel needs, approving designs and logo placements, to negotiating and managing the merchandise agreement.
  • Event Marketing and On-site Sponsor Activation
  • Sponsorship Activation Planing and Management