Volleyball Canada’s oversee’s Canada’s indoor and beach Olympic teams, Paralympic teams, massive teenage National Championships -- and combined with a substantial social media reach, provides a  very solid platform for potential partners to consider — especially those trying to engage with healthy and active youth women.

The rights and benefits associated with being a Major Partner of Volleyball Canada and highlight many of the programs and events that will elevate the your and showcase your brand to an important and elusive demographic.

1 - If you are a proud Canadian Company and want to support a successful Canadian Olympic program. (Canada's Women's Olympic beach volleyball teams are medal threats at the 2024 Paris Olympics, Our Women's Sitting team finished 2nd at the World Championships, Our Men's and Women's Indoor teams could both qualify for the Paris Olympics)

2 - If you would benefit by showcasing your products or brand at massive youth events (1,200 plus teams)

3 - If authentic social media is a focus of your marketing efforts

4 - If you need exposure and community involvement across Canada with year-round visibility

5 - If you are looking for a prominent -- female focused -- sport sponsorship property



Indoor National Teams: Uniforms and Footwear - Mizuno

Women's Beach Volleyball National Teams: Uniforms and Apparel - LEFT ON FRIDAY

Merchandise Rights Holder: Event & Online store sales - Volleyball Stuff

Men's Beach Volleyball National Teams: Uniforms and Apparel - Jumplete

Indoor Ball Sponsor: Indoor Programs, National Championships - Mikasa

Volleyball Canada is one of the largest and most dynamic sport organizations in Canada with over 2.4 million Canadians playing the sport each year. Volleyball Canada has over 68,000 active registered members – a base that has consistently grown since 2008. Our members consist of primarily affluent suburban families with the most prominent membership category being 13 - 18 years of age and strongly skewed towards girls. 65% female and 35% male.  

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