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Canada’s ski jumping athletes shocked the world in 2022 to win the country’s first-ever skijumping medal at an Olympic Winter Games when they took the bronze in Beijing.

Living out of suitcases, access to minimal equipment, often seen using hand-me-downs, and predominantly self-funded, the small but mighty team has persisted against the longest of odds.

Canada’s national squad is now consistently delivering medals at the elite level of the sport with multiple athletes matching flight paths with the world’s best from countries like Germany, Japan and Norway.

Facility closures in Canada have forced a new strategy to relocate the team’s national program to Slovenia.  Ski Jumping Canada has invested the bulk of their funding in world-leading coaching while centralizing its team in a culture of excellence in Planica, Slovenia – the mecca of ski jumping.

The bold move and new vision have resulted in the team moving away from home for most of the year to immerse themselves in the sport and train alongside the best teams in the world.Ski Jumping Canada have accomplished what was once unthinkable, but there is a price to pay for competing in a niche sport and these Canadians are clearly willing to keep shelling out to follow this successful strategy – that does not come without increased costs.

It has become increasingly difficult for our volunteer-run national sport organization to continue to finance the program to a level to continue winning international medals and remain competitive with the top teams in the world beyond 2024.



Ski Jumping in Canada

Since that historic day where Ski Jumping Canada took one giant leap on the field of play, they continue to face headwinds in delivering the resources Canadian ski jumping athletes need, and deserve.

However, the journey doesn't end with this historic achievement; it is a beginning, and Ski Jumping Canada is at a crucial juncture where strategic marketing can play a pivotal role in securing the future of the sport in Canada.


Massive Winter Sport Viewership

The heart of Ski Jumping Canada's story lies in the incredible journey of its athletes – triumph over adversity, commitment to excellence, and the pursuit of a dream against all odds. The other important aspect of their story is that it is being done on a massive global stage with leading winter sport broadcast viewership numbers.

The 2022/23 World Cup season generated the highest media impact in Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup history.

  • Cumulative Audience totals 552 Million (+49% increase)
  • Live Audience is 72 Million (+36% increase).
  • 30 World Cup events Broadcast Coverage of over 1,800 hours

The Price of Flying farther

Why Sponsor Ski Jumping Canada

1) Historic Achievement:
By aligning your brand with Ski Jumping Canada, you become part of a historic narrative. Join us in celebrating our triumphs and be associated with the team that brought Canada its first-ever ski jumping medal.

2) Women’s Sport:
As women's sports continue to carve out their rightful place in the sponsor spotlight, its wider audience reflects the potential for profound societal change. Key to this evolution is the creation of equity and inclusion in sports, which offers brands an opportunity to enjoy a significant return on investment and become part of the movement for gender equality.


3) Resilience and Determination:Our athletes personify resilience and determination. By supporting Ski Jumping Canada, you align your brand with values that resonate with Canadians nationwide – the spirit of overcoming challenges and achieving the extraordinary.

4) International Exposure:
The 2026 Winter Olympics will be a global spectacle, offering sponsors unprecedented international exposure. Your brand will be prominently featured on our athletes' gear, in promotional materials, and across our digital and social media platforms, reaching a diverse and engaged audience.

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