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Facility Naming Rights

Successful naming rights partnerships for Canadian municipal sport and recreational facilities requires a somewhat different approach to those of larger  venues in major centres featuring professional teams as tenants.

SportBrand has worked with a number of small to mid-sized municipalities to successfully negotiate naming rights partnerships for their downtown arenas, community recreational centres and others. Sport and recreation plays such an important role in the lives of Canadian families and seemingly more so in smaller towns with young families.

Sport and Recreation Facility sponsorship

To maximize the value of all the facility projects we sell, we will actively communicate how the facilities positively impact the heath and wellness of the residents of the community and how the sponsorship funds will help deliver great programming for the community at the facilities involved.

We find that leading local companies will support things that are important to their community. Those community benefits in addition to the advertising value of the exposure will be clearly presented in the marketing materials. It is also key that we highlight activation and community engagement opportunities to the prospective companies.

Our approach to a successful naming rights campaigns will focus on the following elements;    

1 - Sharing the Vision: Taking the time to understand the goals and objectives of the stakeholders involved with each facility and have a clear understanding of what this facilities will provide for the community — and then sharing those findings in what we present to potential sponsors.    

2 - Professional Presentation: Professionally develop a persuasive suite of marketing materials to highlight the opportunity for potential sponsors, including; print, video, social media.    

3 - Awareness and Transparency: We will spend considerable effort on helping the community understand the plan surrounding naming rights and the benefits it will lead to for all those involved.

Naming rights selling strategy

Marketing & Sales

In addition to targeting all the medium to large sized companies in the region, our marketing and sales strategy will focus on a public awareness plan to ensure the fact that the naming rights for the facilities involved are looking for sponsors and how the funds generated will be used to help the community for years to come.

We would put considerable time into the marketing materials and related promotional images and media. They will all be professionally designed and share a standardized contemporary look, including examples for companies of all sizes will to see how they will benefit by becoming a partner and get engaged with the community.