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Speed Skating Canada

Canada's Most succussful Olympic Sport

Speed Skating Canada is a global powerhouse in the sport and one of the world’s most successful winter Olympic sport organizations.


At Speed Skating Canada, long-term Olympic success relies on a solid platform of volunteer coaching, weekly practices and races that encourage kids to have fun. Through training and competition, young athletes experience winning, losing, failure, success and achievement.

This is a good time to be a speed skating fan and an even better time to be a team sponsor.
With an established tradition of Olympic success and emerging stars, Speed Skating Canada continues to be an attractive platform to align with.

70 Olympic Medals  -- 224 World Cup Gold Medals -- 193 World Championship Medals

Canada’s speed skating success at the Olympics goes beyond winning medals; it’s a nationwide movement, a chance to honor our country’s dedicated athletes and a shared belief that sports can better the lives of all Canadians. Speed Skating Canada prides itself on providing an inclusive and supportive community for anyone wanting to participate and pursue personal development as an athlete, official, coach, volunteer, parent or administrator.  The programs, practices and decisions of Speed Skating Canada do not compromise the dignity or self-respect of any individual.

Speed Skating in Canada

1 - If you are looking for a world-class Olympic sport to align with.

2 - You need brand visibility in Canada ... Asia and Europe. (Speed Skating in Japan, Korea, Holland is huge)

3 - Your company’s values align with Canadian pride, world class performance and supporting youth programs.

4 - Quebec is a region that is important to you.

5 - As a proud Canadian company you want to align with the most successful Canadian sport federation.

5 reasons why Speed Skating Canada might be a fit

Canada’s Most Successful Olympic Sport

  • 224 World Cup Gold medals in Long Track
  • 189 World Cup medals in Short Track
  • 70 Olympic Medals

Partnership Highlights

Rights and Benefits would include

  • International events rights package
  • Prominent logo on National Team uniforms
  • Social media campaigns
  • Grassroots program activation
  • National Championships title sponsor
  • On-ice banners at national and international event
  • VIP hosting at International events

Partnership Value

Cumulative audience of 1 million in Canada
356 broadcast hours worldwide
Cumulative audience of 96 million worldwide

TV coverage in over 20 world markets
Cumulative audience of 3 million in Canada
1,302 broadcast hours worldwide
Cumulative audience of 489 million worldwide

Platinum Sponsor: Overall Programs and Event - Intact Insurance

Official Apparel: Skin Suits and Off-Ice Team Apparel  - Descente

Glove Sponsor: National Teams, Programs and Events - Auclair Gloves

Power Meters & Heart Rate Monitors: National Teams - 4iiii


Current Speed Skating Canada partners;

Speed Skating Canada is a global powerhouse in the sport and one of the world’s most successful winter Olympic sport organizations. They work to promote sport as a positive and powerful force for all Canadians and  help ensure that sport continues to contribute to Canadians’ physical, social and mental health.

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